The #1 Smart Bed

Dubbed "The Ultimate Bed" by Business Insider, our multi-functional Symple Smart Bed is optimized for enhanced living and of course, your nighttime slumber.



Packed with features & functions

Your bed comes fully loaded with the latest tech, including an electronic massage chair, steel lockbox safe, Bluetooth speaker & power ports, multiple built-in storage compartments, and plenty more...

Electronic massage chair

Relax in our state-of-the-art multimode massage chair with adjustable headrest. It's equipped for full body massage and comes witth a tethered electronic remote to control power, intensity, and speed.

Bluetooth speakers & charging

Connect wirelessly to play music on any Bluetooth-enabled device and keep your electronics powered up with built-in USB charging ports.

Steel safe & storage

Organize your bedroom with numerous built-in storage compartments, including a side bookshelf, pull-out drawers, stool storage, and even a steel safe with customizable electronic key.

Built for maximum comfort

With wear-resistant micro-fiber leather, cushioning high-density sponge, and a solid pinewood frame, each bed is custom made in our factory and designed to provide unrivaled comfort.

  • Taron F.

    "Honestly I like never leave it... I work and game from bed every day."

  • Julie N.

    "The massage chair is my favorite! I sleep there as often as the bed!"

  • Jeremy P.

    "We splurged on an anniversary gift for each other. Worth every penny."

Work comfortably, lounge leisurely, slumber deeply.

The Ultimate Smart Bed

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